Full-stack Development for Tech Startups
Fast-track your product development by hiring an established tech partner. Working with us, you get helpful insights drawn from our past experience as SaaS startup founders. We combine tech and business expertise to make sure you invest time and money in viable solutions.
Find product-market fit
Our development methodology is laser focused on solving the customer's pain points instead of burning through the backlog. This increases your chances of finding PMF and building a scalable business model.
Speed up time-to-market
After understanding your business vision, we identify core MVP functionality and come up with a product roadmap. Then, we assign a dedicated team with the required skills and experience to deliver on time.
Extend your runway
Working with an external development partner saves you time and money compared with assembling an in-house technology team. This allows you to do more with your existing budget, giving you more room for iterating your product and achieving growth.
Our clients
How to turn your startup idea into a successful product?
You've experienced a certain problem and thought about a way to solve it – not only for yourself, but for someone else too. Or, you've identified a particular market with unhappy customers ready to use a new product. Potential customers you've spoken to are excited about your solution. What happens next?
Come up with a lean way to validate your assumptions
Before investing time and money into a dedicated development team, it's important to test your key assumptions about your users' needs, the market and technical constraints. Do people really experience this problem and if so, are they willing to pay for a solution? Create a demo video of a future product and an invite-only waitlist to see how many people sign up. Buy your potential customer a coffee and ask some questions about their current situation. Get creative and collect helpful insights that will shape your MVP.
Raise early investment
Approaching VCs before you launch an MVP and start getting paying customers is tricky. At this stage, your best bet is finding individual investors who believe in your vision and/or investing your own capital. Your early investors may even come from the list of your future customers, as those have firsthand understanding of the pain you are trying to solve.
Hire a tech partner
Whether you are a technical founder or not, you can still benefit from bringing an external tech partner once the idea has been validated. This way you can focus on making business decisions, interacting with investors and even selling your product. Hiring a tech partner as opposed to finding a co-founder can also be a wise decision if you want to retain as much equity as possible.
By choosing us as your tech partner, you can:
Design a streamlined customer journey based on your ideas and market intelligence
Create a clickable prototype to collect user feedback and communicate your vision
Build a minimum viable product that properly addresses the needs of your audience
Develop a solution within time and budget limitations
Ramp up your existing development team to achieve roadmap goals
Iterate on your solution to find PMF and quickly test your assumptions
Improve your technology to support the growth of your company
Customer stories
MVP reaching 300,000 active users in the US
Scentbird is a perfume subscription service that enables customers to get personalized fragrance recommendations.

Turn online ordering of fragrances into an engaging experience to encourage high retention rate and achieve organic growth.

Mobile app with a rating and filtering system catered specifically to fragrance aficionados. Users can explore a catalog of fragrances by aroma strength, note, mood, character and even a relevant event. Subscription status and delivery queue are easily accessible in the user's profile.

Tech stack
iOS, Swift, CoreData.
4х revenue growth with new AI functionality
Koko Face Yoga is an AI-driven mobile application that creates a personal yoga class experience when and where you need it.

Founder's appearance on Shark Tank resulted in a wave of new users, however the existing app did not match their expectations. Poor customer reviews due to insufficient functionality and clunky user experience.

Detecting incorrect face positions by AI functionality has provided "a yoga teacher" effect. Enhancing the trial feature and switching on personalization not only boosted ranking reviews in the Apple Store and Play Market but also achieved 3x growth in the number of subscribers and 4x in total earnings.

Tech stack
Flutter, Dart, Dio, TensorFlow Lite, Python.
The cost benefits of fast development with a tight budget
Reach Your Coach is a marketplace application where users can find health coaches and nutritionists across local gyms using filters as well as leave on-demand feedback requested by the coach or nutritionist.

To onboard the first 1000 local gyms within 6 months through an attractive MVP of the marketplace application with sophisticated admin panel for users to manage information and user reviews.

Our team held user interviews to generate a user-centric, clickable prototype. Within 8 months after the app launch, 7% of all gyms in the urban market of our customer were registered on the platform. We delivered the solution 10% below budget.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails (RoR) 5.2.4, Laravel, Symfony, React.
Our Services
We provide full cycle development services and are ready to start at any stage you want us to.
Research & Design & Development
Find a competitive advantage, design and develop a unique IT product.

This is perfect for you if you have an idea, want to start working on it and launch the final solution quickly, however, lack the time and experience required to carry out these cycles in-house.
Design & Development
Design and develop an IT product with a high level of scalability.

This is perfect for you if you have already researched your users' needs, the market, and you want to create a product with excellent UX but lack the required programming and UI/UX skills to create the final product.
Develop and test a technically sophisticated IT solution.

This is perfect for you if you have already tested your prototype on clients and want to start with the final development. We provide exhaustive development services, create clean technical documentation, extensively test our solutions and ensure simple future maintenance through our software architecture.
The developed IT product will allow:
Design & Development
Research & Design & Development
To eliminate the customer churn due to non-functioning services
To securely develop your business without any technical backstabbing
To add new features quickly without any downtime
To provide your services and products faster and easier to your customers compared to the average competitor in the market
To acquire new users faster and retain existing users more successfully
To initially validate your product idea on your users, enabling you to find a product-market-fit and offer a product with a unique value
How we work
For creating user-centric and user-desired apps, we use our R2D Product Growth framework. The R2D Product Growth framework consists of a series of iterations that solve three key objectives for our clients:
The R2D Product Growth Framework is a roadmap of a project that we assemble from necessary 2-week cycles depending on the business needs. According to this framework, a high-level roadmap looks like this:
R2D Product Growth Framework
To create our proprietary framework, we integrated all development stages with their respective best practices.
The main idea of the framework is that during the development of the product, we constantly prioritize the tasks required to be solved ASAP and proceed to the respective cycle. This approach allows us to run two or more cycles in parallel. Our R2D framework is a practice-oriented approach that has been used to deliver more than 250 successful software development projects. Unlike Agile, for each cycle, our framework offers proven results-driven stages and methods, which were carefully evaluated and chosen over the span of 10 years across hundreds of development projects.

The framework allows you to reach the expected results, transform chaotic ideas and feedback from the market into specific features, and keep on continuously delivering values to users in a changing market.
Technologies for Successful Tech Startups
Building a scalable growth engine by choosing the right technology.

Working in tech, we know how hyped up developers can get about a new technology, programming language or a library. But choosing a technology stack for your startup is something that has significant business implications, so it's something to be done with a cool head. It's crucial to select a programming language that already has a large community of developers, instead of choosing a new kid on the block. In addition, one has to consider scalability and performance aspects. After all, there's multiple iterations involved in building a product.
Our proven set of tools and technologies ensure that the provided solution will not only solve your initial business challenge, but also fit your long-term goals
AI-powered Startup Development
  • Wondering how AI and ML can increase your competitive advantage? We are ready to add Machine Learning functionality to your product. This can give you the edge over your competitors and generate more interest from investors.
  • Chatbots: Rasa
  • Deep learning: Tensorflow, PyTorch, Lightning
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Web-based Development for Startups
  • If you choose to release your product as a web application, we can help. Our technology stack is common among startups, so you will find it easy to grow your engineering team. And we are also mindful about combining the speed of development and laying the right foundation for the future.
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, Symfony, Laravel, Node.js
  • Frontend: React.js, Angular
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Mobile App Development for Startups
  • Your mobile app launch strategy and requirements will determine the way we approach your project. We use the best of both worlds – native and cross platform development – to achieve your goals and stay within your budget.
  • iOS: Swift
  • Android: Kotlin
  • Cross-platform: Flutter, React Native
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Why choose us?
Product-minded development team
Here at Roonyx, we focus on delivering value to our clients at every stage of developing your startup. 80% of our customers confirmed that they gained valuable insights by discussing ideas with our team prior to the official start of the project. Our experience in growing our own startup and helping others on their journey enables us to make helpful recommendations and navigate budget and time restrictions.
Our own development methodology helps to convert a bunch of chaotic ideas and market feedback into user-accepted features.
Minimum viable product shouldn't mean minimum security. Our development team understands the most common threats and takes appropriate measures to ensure the security of your users' data.
We ensure quality across the entire product development lifecycle: from finding gaps in business requirements to writing automated tests.
We can assemble a team for your project and kick-off a custom web or mobile app development within 2 weeks.
We use our proprietary business intelligence tool to manage development processes and control developers' workload. Our dev tools empower our clients to track the progress of the project in real-time.
Developing tech startups across different industries
Our diverse portfolio means that we can quickly dig into your market, evaluate your competition and focus on competitive advantages while building software.
What our clients say about us:
How much does it cost to develop my tech startup?
In order to come up with a budget estimate, we need to take into account some key factors: goals, business requirements, risks, constraints and launch strategy. After having an intro conversation with you, we assemble a development team and come up with an estimate broken down by epics and user stories.
What technology should I use for my startup?
There's no cookie cutter answer to this question. We start by determining whether your product will be launched on web, mobile, or both. Then, we evaluate business requirements, your resources and longer-term plans to come up with a technical proposal. Rest assured – we only recommend proven technologies that we've already used on real-world projects.
Do you offer equity-based partnerships?
We are not offering development services in exchange for equity, however we can help in maximizing your existing budget.
What would I need to do as a client to launch a startup with a software development team?
We recommend carrying out market research and customer interviews first to hone your product vision. In addition, you might want to raise initial capital for MVP development and marketing.
Will I be able to hire in-house developers after building a product with your team?
Yes – we deliver structured and well-commented code, so your new developers will have an easier time taking it over. In addition, we supply technical documentation and organize a smooth transition process. And last but not least – you get full intellectual property rights by working with our team.
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