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Build a Fintech app from scratch or improve your existing solution to solve your business tasks:
Build customer trust through multi-channel communication
Ensure central banks' regulatory compliance
Detect and prevent fraud, prevent breaches, recognize vulnerabilities, and predict damage with AI
Raise security levels through cybercrime prediction and prevention
Allow customers to manage and engage with their accounts
Automate, streamline, and digitalize accounting processes and reduce manual data entry errors
Enable users to make fast & easy payments; store payment information accordingly
Enable your customers to receive loans for all kinds of purposes fast and easily
Improve banking functionalities through blockchain technologies
Build user-centric NFT marketplace platforms where users can create and trade NFTs
We are ready to start at any stage of development and can deliver to you:
  • Investment app
  • Dynamic Know-Your -Customer (KYC) platform
  • Fraud prevention solution
  • Wealth management software
  • Digital wallets & payment system
  • Insurtech solution
  • End-to-end banking solution
  • Accounting software
  • Lending-mortgage software
  • Blockchain app
  • NFT marketplace
  • Crowdfunding portal
  • CRM for financial services companies
Your vision. Users' needs. Our expertise.
Accelerate your business growth by obtaining a strategic competitive advantage. Leverage Roonyx' experience in designing and developing secure, scalable, stable and easy-to-use Fintech solutions.
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We develop custom-made fintech solutions to enable you to focus on growing your business rather than worrying about the day-to-day business operations.
Our work: design, development
The application was designed to give the user a seamless shopping experience both in-store and online. In-store, the user can quickly download the app by scanning a QR code available at the cash register. Online, the user can browse a variety of retailers such as boohoo, PrettyLittleThing or Gymshark.
Pollen Pay
Yoshi offers users a simple way to buy crypto tokens via credit card. We use native Yoshi token to provide fast and simple buying process. Connect your crypto wallet via MetaMask or WalletConnect. To proceed for buying you'll need to surpass a KYC and add a valid credit card. Once everything is done you'll see the actual exchange rate and get your tokens after the buying process is done.

Key features: DEX aggregator, Support Ethereum, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Widget integration, Bridge tokens.

Our work: market research, design, development
Market cap
A suite of white label software solutions that blends traditional and crypto finance.

All-in-one mobile crypto banking features custodial wallet for card payments, decentralized storage for digital assets and borderless transactions.

Internet acquiring module enables merchant onboarding, cryptocurrency withdrawals (settlements), mass payouts to users' cards (OCT transactions), and working with all risk levels (low, medium, high risk).

Our work: market research, design and development
Crypto Acquiring
An investor makes an investment. The host can perform KYC and AML procedures and securely accept that investment.

There is a user-friendly interface for the investor to view their current investment and additional information:
-the number of tokens blocked for the vesting period
-tokens available for branding
-current token balance

Our work: consulting, tokenomics, design smart-contract development, web-app development
Tokensale Development Service
Netsbo is a high-performance, scalable, and secure smart-contract platform. It is designed to overcome the limitations of previous generation blockchain platforms. Netsbo is permissionless, decentralized, and open-source.

Lachesis, its revolutionary aBFT consensus mechanism, allows Netsbo to be much faster and cheaper than older technologies, yet extremely secure.

The product enables a 'transparent' relationship with the community, as all transactions are visible on the blockchain, demonstrating the high-tech capabilities of the client company through the use of blockchain technology.

Our work: Blockchain fork, Design, Wallet, Consensus changes (stake by ERC20 tokens)
Blockchain fork
Custom Financial Software Development
Reliable tech stack for Custom Fintech Development

You think about costs? We suggest that you think about investment. Our proven set of tools and tech stacks ensure that the provided solution will not only solve your initial business challenge but also ensure the longevity of your new custom software. We exclusively use tech stacks which are future-oriented and are supported by a growing community rather than hyped stacks that may disappear tomorrow and eventually cause significant losses to your business.
AI-powered Fintech Software Development
  • Wondering how AI and ML can increase your competitive advantage? We are ready to turn your ambitious idea into a cutting-edge solution that sets you apart from your competition.
  • Chatbots: Rasa
  • Deep learning: Tensorflow (1, 2, lite), PyTorch, Lightning, Pycaret, Sk-learn, Rasa/Spacy
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Web-based Fintech Software Development
  • Creating a new online tool or desire to digitally transform your business? Our team will find an elegant solution for your task which is easy to use due to web-based architecture.
  • Backend: Node.js, Nest.js, GO, Rust, C++
  • Frontend: React.js, Angular
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Financial Mobile App Development
  • Are you ready to transform your business to a mobile-first company? Our mobile development toolkit includes both native and cross-platform technologies ensuring your successful digital transformation.
  • iOS: Swift
  • Android: Kotlin
  • Cross-platform: Flutter
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Why choose us?
We provide sophisticated Custom Software Development Services
Here at Roonyx, we focus on delivering value to our clients at every stage of the software development project. 80% of our customers confirmed that they gained valuable insights by discussing ideas with our team prior to the official start of the development services. Our extensive experience in custom software development enables us to accommodate various timeframes and budgets due to a large library of pre-build components ready to be adapted and deployed. This approach enables us to speed up the process and optimize custom software development costs.
  • Structure
    Deploying our own framework to convert a bunch of chaotic ideas and market feedback into user-accepted features.
  • Security
    We achieve application and data security by identifying and implementing predictable and stable solutions.
  • Quality
    Beyond our extensive solid quality assurance process, we integrate first users testing feedback into the final solution.
  • Time
    We can assemble a team for your project and kick-off a custom software development within 2 weeks.
  • Efficiency
    We use our proprietary custom software development tool to manage development processes effectively and control developers' workload efficiently. Our dev tool empowers our clients to track the progress of the project in real-time.
Custom fintech software development services for various financial sectors
We deliver superior fintech solutions for SMEs as well as enterprise-sized companies from a wide range of industries.
Payment systems and services
Investment management
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