Get your Proptech ready for next year's multiples
Proptech investors in 2022:
Expect tech-enabled companies to become technology companies or miss out on valuations
Want to see companies focus on profitability and key metrics
61% plan to make as many investments in the next 12 months as they did in the previous
Show interest in unique IP and emerging tech
What does this mean for your Proptech?
It means that now is time to build to prepare for your next fundraise.
  1. Build your MVP
  2. Establish your dev roadmap
  3. Ensure compliance
  4. GTM
  1. A/B test UX
  2. Increase the pace of development
  3. Optimize for user load
  4. Optimize your tech to prepare for Series A VC audit
Series A+
  1. Scale your team with senior talent
  2. Test tech hypotheses fast
  3. Optimize revenue streams
  4. Introduce emerging tech
Our clients shape the future of the built world
MVP development of a map-based app that makes dollars out of NYC real estate data with hyper-local analysis of key metrics impacting land use, value and urban planning.

By tapping into public data sources, this mobile app offers valuable insights such as sales, construction permits, demolitions, school districts, transit and quality of life factors. All updated in real time and visualized on an easy-to-use map.
WeBuilt shows up-to-date information on buildings and parcels in Austin, TX. A user can click on a building, get valuable contact info and reach out to potential partners right on the platform.

Something that early users found especially helpful is the ability to target construction projects in specific areas by drawing shapes on the map.

What used to require extensive research is now available in the form of a map-based web application.
Agya Insights
A VC fund that focuses on proptech approached Roonyx to create an invite-only business matchmaking platform. This platform would allow Japanese companies to discover opportunities in the US.

Catering to the preferences of Japanese users and the ability to switch between English and Japanese were among the main challenges.

The resulting platform enabled Agya Ventures to build a stronger presence among their Japanese partners and made it easier for them to secure extra investment.
Achieve multiple-changing results
total raised by our clients
years average cooperation with the client
clients reached Series B
increase in product delivery speed
What our clients say about us:
Why choose us?
Proptech-focused engineering team with industry knowledge
Time to Market
Our proprietary framework that speeds up software delivery in the real estate space
Transparent development process that focuses on achieving product-market fit
Emerging tech capabilities: Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Blockchain
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