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We develop custom AI software solutions to unlock your full business potential. Boost your growth and empower yourself to enter yet unknown markets with our AI app development services.
Our clients
Business needs
Our expertise in AI and ML software development provides tangible results for your business by solving the following tasks:
  • Increase sales with data-driven insights
    You've got a lot of historic customer data and you do not know yet how to take advantage of it? Our experts will help you assess your business needs and showcase yet untapped opportunities by deploying AI software solutions. We empower you to create data-driven insights that will grow your business.
  • Automate processes to reduce costs
    Are you in a labor-intensive industry and desire to automate your processes? Our AI specialists analyse your operations and demonstrate the automation potential. While many things are possible with AI software solutions, not all opportunities are economical. That is why we will discuss cost saving potentials extensively with you.

    We will use our experience in AI software development to streamline your operations by improving efficiency while maintaining excellent quality (ex.: quality control and defect detection software).
  • Boost your process optimization
    Are your employees consumed by repetitive, chaotic or unnecessary processes and workflows? Like product classification or detection and segmentation of pictures and similar digital assets? Our ML software solutions reshape your workflows, eventually freeing up valuable resources. We empower your employees to focus on what matters most - creating value to your customers.
AI solutions
Despite the vast amount of data available to companies, many fail to effectively leverage it to their advantage. That is when custom AI software development comes into play, helping you to extract relevant information to ultimately improve your business performance, enter new markets and automate processes.

Here are different types of AI software solutions that will help you solve your business tasks:
We provide both AI & ML Consulting as well as Development Services:
Validate business solution idea
Do you have a hypothesis for solving your business problem with a custom AI software solution? Do you have data ready to be used for the development? Great! We will test your hypothesis in order to understand whether it is economical to take on the AI development. Whether a solution to your problem is already available in the market or we need a custom AI solution, we will evaluate the best way to help you meet your business needs.

What you get: baseline, estimation, best practice advice.
Initiate Solution Research
Made up your mind about a proven hypothesis and now looking for a team to develop the AI-solution based on your data according to your specific requirements? We will choose the best way to implement your vision, test the prototype and find new ways to improve the existing solutions to solve your business task. The provided AI solution will be specifically tailored to your objectives so you can successfully achieve your business goals.

What you get: a ready-to-use solution (trained model) + a manual that will help you train, retrain and deploy your AI) + AI model launch evaluation + further recommendations for alternative approaches.
Develop AI-powered app
Have you already found the best solution, gathered the requirements (load, hosting, RPS), and just need to get a service or an app ready to deploy and work with your real data? Our team of AI experts will turn your vision into reality.

What you get: What you get: ML solution, documentation, infrastructure solution (Rest API, Docker). Tools for automated monitoring (model / data), retraining, and deployment are available upon request.
Our clients' success
Koko Face Yoga
Koko Face Yoga is a subscription-based mobile application for watching and repeating face yoga exercises. Aside from an extensive library of face yoga tutorials, inspiring daily tips, and helpful reminders, the app allows its users to track their progress towards becoming more purposeful about their self-care. The face yoga app is more than a simple collection of exercises. Artificial Intelligence, like an invisible trainer, tells the user if the exercise is done correctly or what should be improved.

Tech stack: Dart, Retrofit, TensorFlow Lite, Python.
At first, the app did not have any function that would let users know whether they were doing the exercise correctly or not. Therefore, they needed an AI solution that would deliver a personal trainer experience automatically. The new feature is a game-changer, yet its integration raised several concerns:
  • Low existing functionality of the app;
  • Low level of personalization;
  • No free trials;
  • Problems with accessing paid content after payment had been processed;
  • A lot of negative feedback in Play Market and App Store;
  • Performance issues.
    Our team developed a strategy and solution that ensured that the new feature would run smoothly:
    • Implemented the face positioning error detection function;
    • Added a personalized menu to the app;
    • Adopted a free trial system;
    • Implemented a freemium model;
    • Fixed old bugs by rewriting the main application architecture;
    • Fine-tuned the subscription system.
      Our custom AI development helped Koko Face Yoga to improve its consumer engagement and brought tangible business results:
      • Rating of the app increased: in the Google Play Market from 2.5 to 3.7, in the Apple App Store from 2.5 to 4;
      • Personalized menu increased the number of subscribers by 25%;
      • Implementation of a free trial tariff increased the number of subscribers by 3 times;
      • Freemium model increased the number of users by 10%;
      • The total number of users increased by 150%;
      • Earnings increased 4 times.
        Cross-functional solution for marketplaces
        A cross-functional ML solution for marketplaces built to encourage sales growth.
        The solution operates using a recommendation system that generates product suggestions based on the customers' browsing and purchase history. This AI solution is easy-to-use and can be integrated into any platform by any person - even one without specific technical skills.

        Tech stack: PyTorch, Airflow, Spark, MLflow, PostgreSQL.
        Our client is a company which builds and promotes marketplaces from scratch. To help their customers grow their audience, our client wanted to provide marketplace owners with a ready-made solution, which would allow them to build their own recommendation systems without requiring programming skills.
        ur team created an AI solution with an API that enabled our client to automatically create recommendation models for unique marketplaces: The marketplace owner prepares data extracted from the marketplace according to certain requirements, runs the automatic model training on this data and then implements the AI-solution.
        Our ML solution helped our client to increase the revenue from existing marketplace owners by 15%, with marketplace owners increasing their revenue by 20%.
        Smart home system
        A smart home system which allows users to train their own AI-powered models to recognise new voice commands.

        Tech stack: TensorFlow, Python 3, Nyumaya engine
        Our client is a company specializing in smart lighting control systems. The client was looking to upgrade his product and add more functions. Therefore he wanted us to integrate a highly customizable smart home system.
        Our team developed an app with a trained command recognition model, built a pipeline that allows a customer to retrain the model themselves and to add and recognize new commands. To do so, the user would have to choose a learning mode, enunciate their command several times, and run the training. The system will then learn the command, and once the AI completes the process, the user can assign it to a preprogrammed task.
        Innovative AI software helped our client to update his product range and boost its revenue by 13% within two month after the launch.
        How we work
        Preliminary assessment:
        • Analyze the current environment and the desired future state by taking into account your business problem, boundaries, resources and initial data
        • Prepare an initial development timeline estimation
        • Make a list of recommendations and next steps

        Required from you: a task description, business goal, a list of restrictions and requirements (hardware / software), an example of data with a description of their structure.

        You get: a plan for solving the problem with a deadline, an approximate budget, an expected result.
        Data preparation and analysis:
        • Analyze the data to make a conclusion about its purity, sufficiency, and completeness;
        • Develop a pipeline for data preparation;
        • Develop a baseline (a basic model for understanding whether the data is suitable in order to implement the product and whether AI can solve the task);
        • Analyze data samples and find the ones on which the baseline model more often makes mistakes
        • Make a conclusion on suitability

        Required from you: access to all data.

        You get: a conclusion on the suitability of the data, recommendations on data gathering and labeling.
        • Draw up the product architecture based on the received requirements
        • Create a product roadmap
        • Choose tools and framework

        Required from you: If you went through the previous 2 stages with us, then we need nothing from you.

        You get: product architecture, roadmap, time and cost estimation based on the approved tools and technologies.
        MVP/POC creation, Testing
        • Prepare the data
        • Choose the model architecture, set its hyperparameters
        • Train the model, test it on a fixed test data set
        • Error analysis

        Required from you: nothing, everything is on our side.

        You get: a ready-made model, a simple interface for testing, documentation.
        Our valued tricks that let us transform your ideas into AI/ML solutions.
        ML/DL frameworks:
        pytorch, tensorflow, mxnet, openvino, transformers, scikit-learn.
        Data preparation and analysis:
        pandas, numpy, opencv, librosa, plotly, matplotlib, seaborn, spacy, nltk, pillow, albumentations.
        Deployment and monitoring:
        airflow, mlflow, wandb, flask, fastapi, docker.
        Why choose us as an Artificial Intelligence Development Company?
        We build innovative yet easy-to-use custom AI software products:
        Our goal is to help you cut costs and save time, which is why our AI-solution will run autonomously , is easy to operate and does not require an artificial intelligence developer among your staff. Once our solution has been delivered, no internal expertise is required for the successful operation of the AI solution.
        From evaluating the suitability of an AI software solution to the deployment of your custom artificial intelligence tool, we are your partner and get you up and running at any stage of the development cycle.
        We speak the same language! Disregarding what emerging tech we evaluate, our developers articulate concepts and ideas in non-technical language only.
        Our artificial intelligence development process focuses on automation and cost reductions ultimately providing a quick return on investment.
        Our teams collaborate with an entrepreneurial mindset, which means we do not need an extensive list of requirements prior to the kick-off. We are self-starters who follow a business-oriented approach.
        Our team has successfully created a variety of AI software and ML solutions for clients in a broad range of industries:
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