Our Referral Program
True innovation doesn't exist in silos. Bold initiatives need community support and expertise from multiple sources to become successful. That's why we believe in the power of networking and reward those people who help us build new meaningful connections.
Here's how it works:
  • Your warm introduction results in a signed contract? You get 5% off all client payments during the first 12 months of engagement
  • The client gets a free code audit report or a market research document depending on the maturity of their project
  • Your referral fee hits your bank account once we receive a payment from the client (typically, once a month)
  • We offer special terms to people who refer us on multiple occasions and are ready to be more involved in the project than just making an intro
Program Highlights
  • $18,000
    Average referral fee on a 12 month contract
  • 14 clients
    Came through our referral program
  • 45 days
    Average timeframe to start receiving your fees
We work across different industries
Our diverse portfolio means that you'll likely have several connections in your network who are actively looking for a team like Roonyx
Financial Services
Real Estate
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