CRM Development Company
We transform CRM challenges into your business advantage and create a unique sales process within an elegant custom solution.
Sales expertise
Every project includes a sales consultant which understands your business requirements and translates these into key requirements of the sales-side of your business. This guarantees that the final solution is aligned with your corporate sales channels and fosters efficiency.
Product vision
Leveraging 10+ years of custom CRM development experience, we establish a clear business case and design solutions offering sought-after features.
Pre-built components speed up the development time and ensure high process efficiency.
Our clients
Custom CRM development services
Rapidly growing companies choose to invest in custom solutions to grow their unique advantages and reflect these in their digital business processes. Clients choose Roonyx' custom CRM development services as available ready-made solutions are not able to flexibly adapt to changed business circumstances and requiremens. That's why we create custom CRM solutions from scratch to incorporate your unique business processes and scale these in order to retain your competitive advantage.
Create a seamlessly scalable CRM
When you get an off-the-shelf solution, you cannot influence the vendor's development strategy. New software versions may disrupt your business processes and set you back in terms of process efficiencies. A custom CRM solution ensures that the platform will match your business processes - always.
Protect data
Think about the impact a data leak can have on your business? The custom CRM would give your 100% control over data, IT-infrastructure and sales process itself.
Add any features easily
Exhausted of looking for a new CRM every time you need more features or new types of reports and then wasting time on getting proficient with a new CRM? Do you worry about the business disruptions from transferring the data from your old CRM to your new one just for a new feature? With a custom CRM you can easily add any feature you require and create unique reports, sales funnels and integrations that will help you to adapt to changed business circumstances easily.
Create a new sales domain
Incorporating different sales channels into a single sales process has never been an easy task. A custom CRM solution not only supports multichannel sales organisations but also provides a toolset for seamlessly managing and integrating new customer segments as well as new sales channels.
Create new business opportunities
Your custom-made solution may be able to be sold as a standalone product within your industry and generate additional revenues for your company.
Custom CRM development is valuable if you desire to:
Increase sales
Improve sales processes and reporting
Expand your business to other segments
Include online customers into your omnichannel sales process
Integrate different services into one platform
Customer stories
Tailored CRM for regaining control of sales processes and reducing the workload
CRM tailored to the specific sales cycles of Ford Automotive dealers.

The client required a new CRM system for their entire transactional process that includes warehouse operations, document flow, analytical tools and reporting, car sales, after-sales support, and car service procedures.

Our custom solution introduced a standalone custom software solution streamlining the processes across the entire sales cycle within Ford automotive dealers. By perfectly matching their internal processes, our client reduced the manual workload by over 35% and the associated costs by 13%. Moreover, the custom software solution offers online editing functionalities and integrated access to various communication channels.

Tech stack
Ruby On Rails, AngularJS.
Simplifying administrative tasks for elderly care institutions
An application to manage the administrative workflow of elderly care institutions.

Elderly care organisations have to handle increasing levels of administrative complexity, which is associated with high costs. They process a huge amount of information related to residents and care activities that have to be billed accordingly.

Our custom CRM solution stores all necessary information about the residents as well as the staff of the elderly care institution. The residence fee is based on the number of services required and the employees are paid based on their provided services. The platform eventually calculates the respective invoice for each resident and the correct salary for each caretaker. The platform automatically sends the bills and tracks their status. The new solution achieved a cost reduction of 17% as well as a 28% lower staff turnover.

Tech stack
Dart, Retrofit, TensorFlow Lite.
A platform to provide affordable housing for artists and musicians
A custom rental property management solution for registered users that manages the entire lifecycle of the property rental industry.

The idea was to connect apartment owners and trusted artists and musicians searching for rent and give them an opportunity to access affordable housing. Our client required a CRM system where they can manage the apartments and check candidates that applied for an apartment in an intuitive fashion. Potential tenants have the opportunity to find an apartment, submit a rental request, upload documents, and manage their rent directly through the platform.

The final platform covers the entire process lifecycle of our client and unifies the administrative workflows. The project further allowed additional investors to easily participate in the project and support young and talented artists. The project took 6 months to deliver from idea evaluation to user tests and acceptance procedure.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails, Javascript.
Custom CRM Development: What makes Roonyx' CRMs unique
Many CRM solutions are designed from a technological standpoint alone, eventually leading to inefficient systems when it comes to user-friendliness. Roonyx develops its CRM systems based on user interviews and extensive MVP testing, ultimately leading to intuitive, easy-to-use and efficient solutions.
Extensive CRM development experience
Our company has its roots in the automotive CRM space and we have been fostering our CRM development capabilities for 8 years. This gives us unparalleled knowledge of what works and what doesn't when you build a system of this kind. Since our start, we have been creating custom CRM solutions for numerous industries.
Fast kick-off
CRM systems are a large part of our portfolio, so we have a proven development framework and a set of pre-build components that will ensure a fast launch of your solution.
Flawless Integration
Thanks to our extensive experiences, integrating custom CRM solutions into an existing environment is no challenge to us. We know which features work better and what approach promises the best results. Importing databases, integrating communication services, mailing and web tools, warehouses and accounting software are easier with Roonyx.
Our Services
We provide full cycle development services and are ready to start at any stage you want us to.
Research & Design & Development
Find a competitive advantage, design and develop a unique IT product.

This is perfect for you if you have an idea, want to start working on it and launch the final solution quickly, however, lack the time and experience required to carry out these cycles in-house.
Design & Development
Design and develop an IT product with a high level of scalability.

This is perfect for you if you have already researched your users' needs, the market, and you want to create a product with excellent UX but lack the required programming and UI/UX skills to create the final product.
Develop and test a technically sophisticated IT solution.

This is perfect for you if you have already tested your prototype on clients and want to start with the final development. We provide exhaustive development services, create clean technical documentation, extensively test our solutions and ensure simple future maintenance through our software architecture.
The developed IT product will allow:
Design & Development
Research & Design & Development
To eliminate the customer churn due to non-functioning services
To securely develop your business without any technical backstabbing
To add new features quickly without any downtime
To provide your services and products faster and easier to your customers compared to the average competitor in the market
To acquire new users faster and retain existing users more successfully
To initially validate your product idea on your users, enabling you to find a product-market-fit and offer a product with a unique value
Let's discuss your project!
Let's discuss your project!
Let's discuss your project!
How we work
For creating user-centric and user-desired apps, we use our R2D Product Growth framework. The R2D Product Growth framework consists of a series of iterations that solve three key objectives for our clients:
The R2D Product Growth Framework is a roadmap of a project that we assemble from necessary 2-week cycles depending on the business needs. According to this framework, a high-level roadmap looks like this:
R2D Product Growth Framework
To create our proprietary framework, we integrated all development stages with their respective best practices.
The main idea of the framework is that during the development of the product, we constantly prioritize the tasks required to be solved ASAP and proceed to the respective cycle. This approach allows us to run two or more cycles in parallel. Our R2D framework is a practice-oriented approach that has been used to deliver more than 250 successful software development projects. Unlike Agile, for each cycle, our framework offers proven results-driven stages and methods, which were carefully evaluated and chosen over the span of 10 years across hundreds of development projects.

The framework allows you to reach the expected results, transform chaotic ideas and feedback from the market into specific features, and keep on continuously delivering values to users in a changing market.
CRM solution development technologies
Reliable tech stack for CRM solution development

You think about costs? We suggest that you think about investment. Our proven set of tools and tech stacks ensure that the provided solution will not only solve your initial business challenge but also ensure the longevity of your new custom software. We exclusively use tech stacks which are future-oriented and are supported by a growing community rather than hyped stacks that may disappear tomorrow and eventually cause significant losses to your business.
AI-powered CRM solution Development
  • Wondering how AI and ML can increase your competitive advantage? We are ready to turn your ambitious idea into a cutting-edge solution that sets you apart from your competition.
  • Chatbots: Rasa
  • Deep learning: Tensorflow (1, 2, lite), PyTorch, Lightning
Learn more
Web-based CRM solution Development
  • Creating a new online tool or desire to digitally transform your business? Our team will find an elegant solution for your task which is easy to use due to web-based architecture.
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, Symfony, Laravel
  • Frontend: React.js, Angular
Learn more
Mobile App Development
  • Are you ready to transform your business to a mobile-first company? Our mobile development toolkit includes both native and cross-platform technologies ensuring your successful digital transformation.
  • iOS: Swift
  • Android: Kotlin
  • Cross-platform: Flutter
Learn more
Let's discuss your project!
Let's discuss your project!
Let's discuss your project!
Why choose us?
We provide sophisticated CRM Development Services
Here at Roonyx, we focus on delivering value to our clients at every stage of the software development project. 80% of our customers confirmed that they gained valuable insights by discussing ideas with our team prior to the official start of the development services. Our extensive experience in custom CRM development enables us to accommodate various timeframes and budgets due to a large library of pre-build components ready to be adapted and deployed. This approach enables us to speed up the process and optimize custom software development costs.
Deploying our own framework to convert a bunch of chaotic ideas and market feedback into user-accepted features.
We achieve application and data security by identifying and implementing predictable and stable solutions.
Beyond our extensive solid quality assurance process, we integrate first users testing feedback into the final solution.
We can assemble a team for your project and kick-off a custom CRM solution development within 2 weeks.
We use our proprietary custom software development tool to manage development processes effectively and control developers' workload efficiently. Our dev tool empowers our clients to track the progress of the project in real-time.
Custom CRM solution development services for various industries
We deliver superior CRM digital solutions for SMEs as well as enterprise-sized companies from a wide range of industries.
What our clients say about us:
How much does it cost to develop a CRM system?
We would love to provide you with a short and specific answer to this question, but the reality of CRM development is more complex. The costs depend on various factors such as the selected tech stack, the complexity of features, the team size and the project architecture. However, that is no reason to worry! After an initial consultation with our experts, you will receive a cost and time estimate for your project.
What technology should I use for my CRM solution?
We don't recommend any hype-driven tech stack that doesn't have an industry-trusted future and roadmap. We suggest a proven set of tools and technologies that will not just solve the original problem but provide you with a longevital software with simple maintenance requirements. Based on your task, we'll recommend the most suitable tech stack.
How do you support and maintain a web-based CRM system or mobile application?
We put together a support and maintenance plan after aligning with the client on their product growth strategy. The ideal scenario is retaining the development team that was involved in building the first version of the app and iterating based on the customer feedback. However, it's also possible to scale down the development effort after the initial launch and focus on keeping the server infrastructure intact. In any scenario, we are here to support you as your custom software evolves.
What would I need to do as a client to launch a CRM solution with a software development team?
Even though we have all the skills required to design and build a robust mobile application or a web platform, alignment with the client's vision is crucial. That's why we would need 3-6 hours of your time per week throughout the discovery and design phase of the project. As we progress with the development, the client's involvement decreases to less than 1-2 hours per week. In case of mobile app development, we also ask the client to create an App Store or Google Play account to retain full control of the product once it's launched.
What kind of CRM solution should I launch: web or mobile?
The short answer – it depends. In order to recommend the right approach, we look at things such as target audience, problems to be solved, product growth strategy, budget and desired functionality. Modern technologies increase the number of options with the possibility of turning an existing web app into a desktop app or creating a Progressive Web App for mobile use. We are here to help you navigate all of these choices and to find what works best in your situation.
Good talks create good projects
Need to develop a custom CRM system? Submit your contact details and we'll get back to you shortly.