Mobile Application Development Company
We develop mobile apps users love and keep on their smartphones.
With our founder's mindset, we focus on functionality and users' appraisal to deliver sought-after value instead of features alone.
We integrate quality control into the delivery process and provide clients with process clarity.
Apply AI, blockchain and IoT technologies within your apps rather than playing buzzword bingo only.
Our clients
Mobile App Development Services for various tasks
Ventures as well as established businesses rely on mobile apps to get closer to their customers and to build up trusted communication and sales channels.
Tech Startups
Digital business heavily depends on solution implementation and development services. Our value-based philosophy helps startups to create sophisticated solutions at the most reasonable cost.
Offline businesses
Having no digital presence at all could put the entire business at risk. To breathe digital spirit into offline brands, we dive deep into their world: We analyse their market, chat with their target audience, and screen their competition.
Companies develop mobile apps to communicate with their end customers or to automate operations. To make these processes easy for our clients, we provide mobile app development services with handy functionalities fostering clear communication, analytics, time and budget management, and real-time support for their users.
Our top-notch Mobile Application Development Services
Ventures as well as established businesses rely on mobile apps to get closer to their customers and to build up trusted communication and sales channels.
That a mobile application is truly used and deemed worthy by users, extensive user and market research is required. Our team analyses market structures, competition and user desires to create a product vision which is engagening and competitive.
During the design stage, we test and verify user-desired features by creating outstanding user journeys. Consistent and balanced technical specifications reassure the smooth coding process as well as the agreed upon application development time and budget. Proprietary development frameworks and integrated best practices guarantee highest standards of the written code.
Our mobile app development services enable short time-to-market timelines, ensure high-quality standards, and allow greatest development flexibility. We develop a product, test it, and finally launch it. To understand how the app performs,we onboard the first users and collect their feedback. After analysing the feedback, we prepare a list of possible improvements and adaptations. This allows our clients to receive solutions which are market-proved and guaranteed successful.
Customer stories
4х revenue growth with new AI functionality
Koko Face Yoga is an AI-driven mobile application that creates a personal yoga class experience when and where you need it.

The client desired to add automated user interactions to correct their mistakes and help them to achieve progress. At the design stage, we discovered low functionality of the existing application and issues with the paid content that resulted in bad marketplaces reviews.

Detecting incorrect face positions by AI functionality has provided "a yoga teacher" effect. Enhancing the trial feature and switching on personalization not only boosted ranking reviews in the Apple Store and Play Market but also achieved 3x growth in the number of subscribers and 4x in total earnings.

Tech stack
Dart, Dio, TensorFlow Lite, Python.
An AI-based meal ordering platform
A food delivery marketplace with AI-based recommendations and an intuitive order interface.

The founders required both iOS and Android app development services to accelerate their idea of local food delivery with advanced search functionalities across available menus and an intuitive order management system.

Roonyx has delivered an MVP and on boarded the first 43 vendors and hundreds of active users. Following this success, the product has been acquired by a larger food delivery company.

Tech stack
Kotlin/Swift, Retrofit2/Alamofire, MVVM, LiveData/RxSwift.
A successful loyalty app planning its expansion to Europe
A Marketplace application that brings together customers and shops.

The startup founders commissioned Roonyx to develop a mobile marketplace app running on Android and iOS devices to process and manage comprehensive loyalty programs for sellers and consumers.

Thorough design and development services resulted in an efficient and easy-to-use mobile app. The app identifies the biggest rewards available to users and suggests specific shops to go for users. Further, the app provides simple and profitable loyalty program fund management to retailers.

Tech stack
Android SDK, RxKotlin, Retrofit, Swift.
Experts in Mobile Application Development Technologies
Our experienced and committed team of experts will propose the app development technologies that fit best with your project requirements, budget, and timeline.
iOS App Development Services
Whether you target Apple users or desire to update your existing iOS app with fancy functionalities, our iOS App Development services transform your idea into a ready-to-market product.

  • Swift
  • Architecture: MVP / MVVM
  • Network: Alamofire / Swift / JSON
  • Multithreading: DispatchQueue / RxSwift
  • DB: SQLite / Realm
  • View: Storyboard Autolayout, SwiftUI
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Android App Development Services
Are you looking for Android app development due to business, technical or security reasons? Our native mobile app development services help you to fully utilize the platform's capabilities and build a solution that works on every device no matter what brand it is.

  • Kotlin / Java
  • Architecture: MVP / MVVM / MVI / Clean / Multi-module
  • Dependency Injection: Dagger / Koin
  • Network: Retrofit / OkHttp / Gson
  • Multithreading: Kotlin Coroutines / RxJava
  • DB: Clean SQLite / Room / Realm
  • Android Jetpack: Pagination / Work Manager / LiveData / Navigation Component
  • View: Material Design / Custom View / DataBinding / ViewBinding
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Cross-platform Mobile App Development Services
For applications that do not require deep-in-tech hardware capabilities or heavy AI-based functionalities, cross-platform mobile app development will work the best. This approach also keeps ongoing mobile app maintenance and potential upgrades simple and straightforward.

  • Flutter - Dart
  • Architecture: BLoC / Cubit / RxDart / Native modules
  • Network: Dio / Custom GraphQL
  • DB: SQLite / Floor / Moor /Realm
  • View: Material / Cupertino
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Let's discuss your project!
Let's discuss your project!
Let's discuss your project!
Mobile App Development Workflow
For creating user-centric and user-desired mobile apps, we use our R2D Product Growth framework. The R2D Product Growth framework consists of a series of iterations that solve three key objectives for our clients:
The R2D Product Growth Framework is a roadmap of a project that we assemble from necessary 2-week cycles depending on the business needs. According to this framework, a high-level roadmap looks like this:
R2D Product Growth Framework
To create our proprietary framework, we integrated all development stages with their respective best practices.
The main idea of the framework is that during the development of the product, we constantly prioritize the tasks required to be solved ASAP and proceed to the respective cycle. This approach allows us to run two or more cycles in parallel. Our R2D framework is a practice-oriented approach that has been used to deliver more than 250 successful software development projects. Unlike Agile, for each cycle, our framework offers proven results-driven stages and methods, which were carefully evaluated and chosen over the span of 10 years across hundreds of development projects.

The framework allows you to reach the expected results, transform chaotic ideas and feedback from the market into specific features, and keep on continuously delivering values to users in a changing market.
Why choose us?
We provide sophisticated Custom Mobile App Development Services
Here at Roonyx, we focus on delivering value to our clients at every stage of the mobile app development project. 80% of our customers confirmed that they gained valuable insights by discussing ideas with our team prior to the official start of the development services. Our extensive experience in custom mobile app development enables us to accommodate various timeframes and budgets due to a large library of pre-build components ready to be adapted and deployed. This approach enables us to speed up the process and optimize custom software development costs.
Deploying our own framework to convert a bunch of chaotic ideas and market feedback into user-accepted features.
We achieve application and data security by identifying and implementing predictable and stable solutions.
Beyond our extensive solid quality assurance process, we integrate first users testing feedback into the final solution.
We can assemble a team for your project and kick-off a custom mobile application development within 2 weeks.
We use our proprietary custom software development tool to manage development processes effectively and control developers' workload efficiently. Our dev tool empowers our clients to track the progress of the project in real-time.
Mobile app development services for various industries
We deliver superior mobile apps for SMEs as well as enterprise-sized companies from a wide range of industries.
What our clients say about us:
How much does it cost to develop a custom mobile application?
We would love to provide you with a short and specific answer to this question, but the reality of custom mobile app development is more complex. The costs depend on various factors such as the selected tech stack, the complexity of features, the team size and the project architecture. However, that is no reason to worry! After an initial consultation with our experts, you will receive a cost and time estimate for your project.
What technology should I use for my mobile app?
We don't recommend any hype-driven tech stack that doesn't have an industry-trusted future and roadmap. We suggest a proven set of tools and technologies that will not just solve the original problem but provide you with a longevital software with simple maintenance requirements. Based on your task, we'll recommend the most suitable tech stack.
How do you support and maintain a mobile application?
We put together a support and maintenance plan after aligning with the client on their product growth strategy. The ideal scenario is retaining the development team that was involved in building the first version of the app and iterating based on the customer feedback. However, it's also possible to scale down the development effort after the initial launch and focus on keeping the server infrastructure intact. In any scenario, we are here to support you as your custom software evolves.
What would I need to do as a client to launch a mobile application with a software development team?
Even though we have all the skills required to design and build a robust mobile application, alignment with the client's vision is crucial. That's why we would need 3-6 hours of your time per week throughout the discovery and design phase of the project. As we progress with the development, the client's involvement decreases to less than 1-2 hours per week. In case of mobile app development, we also ask the client to create an App Store or Google Play account to retain full control of the product once it's launched.
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